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I Am Winning 

I Am Winning is a project designed to raise more awareness for women's athletics. Over the years, both Robyn & I have seen first hand how girls athletic programs are overlooked, underfunded, and lacking support. Our mission in starting the I Am Winning Project is to raise funds & increase recognition for female athletes of varying ages. To learn more on how to help, read below. Thank you in advanced for you support!   

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Why Support This Cause?

We are aware that there are tons of organizations out in the world with missions to make a big impact in the world. Here at I Am Woman, our goal as a company is to directly impact the lives of people who need it the most and that concept is not lost on the I Am Winning project. We want to directly support women athletes in their quest for strength, discipline and teamwork, however, we cannot carry out that dream without your support. If this mission speaks to your, join us in building a scholarship fund that will provide funding for girls athletics all over! With this fund we will provide scholarships to girls looking to continue their athletic careers in college, as well as support young girls athletic programs that aren't properly funded. 

How Do I Contribute? 

With the I Am Winning project, we are looking to build a scholarship fund for both athletic programs as well as the athlete themselves. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, there are 2 ways you can help. If you scroll down below you can leave a donation of whatever amount works best for you, we appreciate support of all sizes! However, if you have a wonderful lady in your life who is an athlete, you might be better served heading over to our store and buying some of our items designed specifically for women athletes. How will buying a few stickers from us help? Well, let me tell you. By purchasing items from our I Am Winning collection, not only is 1/3 of your purchase donated to the I Am Winning fund, but you are also spreading awareness for women's athletics by using the items purchased from us. If you're feeling super generous, you are more then welcome to contribute in both ways but as I mentioned before all forms of support is extremely appreciated! 

"If No One Thinks You Can, Then You Have To." 

Scholarship Information 

We will begin accepting scholarship applications in January of 2024. Thank you for your patience and support!  

Donate Here:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are more then willing to connect with you! Email or Direct Message work best. 

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