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50 before 25 - SC, GA, & NC

Where have we been?

Since we spoke last we have been able to cross off quite a few states, including: Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Our adventures down south during the end of June were full of family, food, and mosquitoes.

South Carolina

We started our adventure down to Atlanta late at night and drove all the way into the morning. In South Carolina we stopped for breakfast and to hike in Congaree National Park. Full of Loblolly pines, Congaree National Park is an insane forest with such a unique ecosystem. We walked their boardwalk trail and made sure to get ourselves guide books that gave us more insight on the park. Driving through South Carolina was absolutely beautiful, super green and full of life. The humidity will get you, though—and the mosquitoes. We saw so many critters on our hike and everywhere we went! South Carolina is definitely full of green spaces and tons of wildlife! A beautiful state.


Atlanta, Georgia is bursting with history that demands to be seen. There is so much importance in the long history of Atlanta so we started at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Monument. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to devote time to visiting the monument and its surrounding museums. Everything we saw and read will forever impact me. The following day we visited the World of Coca-Cola and were able to try all different flavor sodas from all around the world. It was such a good time—thank you to our coworker Alene for recommending we go there! Miki’s cousin Amber was kind enough to invite us to a cook out on her stunning property! We danced in the middle of the trees as we fought off mosquitoes and had cold drinks in hand. I can’t forget to mention little Marley and Mazzi who stole the show for me—twins who couldn’t be more different but bursting with cuteness! A special thank you to Miki’s family who lives in Atlanta for keeping our bellies happy and full, and for showing us a great time in Atlanta.

North Carolina

North Carolina was our first trip staying with someone from the state instead of just renting an Airbnb and it was one of my favorite experiences yet! As we pulled up to the Inserra household we were welcomed with big smiles and wide hugs. Finley and Tucker are truly North Carolina’s sweethearts. We spent the night eating delicious food and talking with Paul and Alycia, it was so much fun getting to know them! We spent the following day visiting downtown Durham — American Tobacco, Burt’s Bee house, and The 21c Museum Hotel, which had a super cool old time vault in the basement! North Carolina—also hot and also full of mosquitoes—is just as beautiful and just as green and South Carolina and Georgia, all their most memorable characteristics.

Top 5 Cities:

Astoria, Oregon

Boston, Massachusetts

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mystic, Connecticut

Salem, Massachusetts

Favorite Restaurant:

Barcelona Wine Bar - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Favorite Club/Bar:

Howl at the Moon - Boston, Massachusetts

Favorite Bookstore:

RiverRun bookstore - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Our favorite state so far:


Watch to see how our opinions change! Do you think we will make it? Tell us your thoughts, share some places for us to see, we want to bring IAW along for the ride!

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