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Be Mine? Galantine vs. Valentine Edition

Written By: Robyn Owens & Mikayla Thompson

Welcome back and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we are doing something a little different! I, Robyn, single, will be writing on Valentine’s Day from my perspective. And Mikayla, taken, will be writing from her perspective.

Just as a blanket statement, my portion of the article will have no Valetine’s Day slander, personally I love the concept and meaning behind Valentine’s Day! That’s not to say that it hasn’t been corrupted and capitalized on, but the meaning has value. Even though I am not in a relationship, and have not been for several years, I still avidly celebrate Valentine's Day.

I believe in the importance of finding your own meaning in life’s everyday mundane things. And over the years I have found my own meaning for Valentine’s Day. As someone who is not the best at articulating my feelings I take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to let everyone in my life know just how important they are to me. I think there is beauty in having one day dedicated to showing people how loved they are. Yes, there is importance in consistency, and people should be showing they love you everyday, but we are all human. And it is hard to make yourself vulnerable every day of the year.

For me, I will always highlight the importance of platonic love, because for me, platonic love is most important. And no one says Valentine’s Day is reserved for couples, so go tell your best friend how much you love them. Because love is for everyone.

Talk soon,

Robyn Owens


Happy Valentines Day!

It is I, Miki.

A few weeks ago Robyn and I were discussing plans for I Am Woman, when she suggested we write an article together on how we individually celebrate Valentines Day. Needless to say, I loved the idea.

As Robyn mentioned in her portion, I am in a relationship, and for the last 4 years I have celebrated the holiday of love with my boyfriend. This year we celebrated early, we doordashed Chinese food and watched Harry Potter/ the Super Bowl. I had a great night! While this was not the wine and dine night out many expect, I felt so filled with love by the time I left. Valentines Day in many ways has become more and more about planning an extravagant outing, when the time spent with the people you love should be the most extravagant part of the night.

I am a romantic, therefore I love Valentines Day. Whether you celebrated dressed up at a fancy dinner or in your sweat pants watching movies, I hope everyone has spent it feeling loved!

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