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Lei- Lei

Welcome back to another business post! I truly love being able to share these wonderful businesses with you all. I think you will find this business Lei-Lei, worth the shopping splurge! Below I will provide you with their mission statement, as well as where to find them! If you keep reading Maria, the business’ founder gifted the I Am Woman Community with a discount code! 

Lei-Lei is a socially conscious ecommerce fashion marketplace that showcases uniquely designed handcrafted items by women artisans from impoverished countries. Our mission is to connect fair trade businesses with eco-conscious consumers who care about helping the artisans and their families. Our goal is to inspire positive consumer behavior to bring about real change, both in society and the environment. 

Every product sold represents freedom, empowerment and love for the individual who makes it.  We provide our artisans the opportunity to lead independent and healthy lives, but most importantly hope for a bright future.

We began 12 years ago with our Nepalese beaded bracelets which still are our best selling and most requested items. They provide employment opportuties for survivors of trafficking and those at risk of being trafficked in communities in Nepal. 

We are committed to our handmade products meeting the *principles of fair trade. We carry products that benefit the planet by being renewable, sustainable and recycled while allowing our customer to shop guilt free for cool items that support worthy causes. Part of the beauty of Lei-Lei is our unique and one of a kind assortment and design. 

Over the years we have also contributed to some worthy domestic and international causes that have struck a chord in our heart like Hearts for Honduras (child education support and sponsorship of 3 female students), and Bernards PEC (Parents of Exceptional Children). We are proud to be a business that gives back to our community as well as to the world. 

Lei-Lei is about goods that give!

You can find Lei-Lei on Instagram @leileinepal as well as their website

I highly encourage you to take a look at the products they are selling and use offer code IAMWOMAN15 for 15% off your final purchase. 

*Code is only valid through September 30th 2020*

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