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Simple DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Hi all, hope all is going well! Mother's Day is slowly approaching and so many people are out of work, cooped up inside of the house, most likely not thinking about gifts. I thought it would be a good idea to share some fun, inexpensive, DIY Mother's Day gifts my siblings and I will be giving our mother this year.

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

With such a stressful time upon us, so many holidays are being neglected, not celebrated, and forgotten about. It is unfortunate that such a disaster is before us, however no matter how hard it may get we should never go without celebrating the very women who gave life to us. What a better way to say thank you for everything our mom's do for than a basket full of goodies! In this post I'm going to share with you all the treats my family and I have prepared for my mom this year, they are all inexpensive and accessible. It also gives everyone something to do, while trapped inside.

1. Hand Made Poem Book

Who doesn't like a little bit of poetry? For this gift, all you need is paper, pencil, and marker. You can get very created with this one, try to write your own poem, look up funny ones, make this as fun as possible. This was the cheapest gift of them all, the only thing I bought was card stock from amazon for $6.99. However, card stock is not a necessity to the project, I'm just a little extra and like the thicker paper. If you have construction paper, or computer paper at home that works great too! In case anyone does want to use card stock.

To make the poem book is very simple. First take the paper you are using and fold in half hamburger style, depending on how many pages you want your book will depend on how sheets of paper you will want to use. I made my book 6 pages long so I used 3 sheets of card stock. To keep the book together I put 2 staples in the middle of the sheet along the folded crease. Then all you have to do is the fill book with poetry, drawings, and personal pictures if you'd like.

Some alternatives to this are hand made cards, pictures drawn by her kids. If you aren't the crafty type and your mother enjoys reading you could always buy her a good book.

2. Personalize Puzzle Piece Picture Frame

I got my inspiration for this craft off of Pinterest, this is the original picture I saw, however I did not copy this exactly. I also ended up making two, one for my mom and one for my grandmother. While both frames hold the same concept they are different.

To recreate this frame (or something similar) all you need is a picture frame, the one I used is a 5x7, card stock, scissors, markers, and tape. I had most of the supplies on hand all I hand to buy was the picture frame and card stock. The total I spent for this project was about $25. However that price is taking into account two picture frames and the card stock. If you just bought one frame or used paper you have on hand it will be cheaper. However, if you do buy the card stock there is more than enough for both this project and the poem books.

While you can change up this and expand on this idea as much as you'd like, the bases to it is simple. To make the puzzle pieces, all I did was google puzzle piece outline and copied that. I didn't print out and trace but that would work great too! Its not necessary to make the pieces perfect because no one can really tell. Once you have them all cut out, depending on the design or idea you have will depend on where you place and paste them. I would recommend using a glue stick or tape for this project if you use the squeeze glue, it will create what I call a glue line or a crease in the paper. From there you put the picture in the frame.

It is very easy to take this same idea and make it your own. For my grandmother, I kept the project more generic by cutting out enough pieces for each of her grandchildren and putting their names on each puzzle piece. However, for my mom we did use a personal picture and decorated the outside of the picture with cut out puzzle pieces in the color of the house decor. Another way to make this a little easier, would be to grab an old puzzle that may be missing a few pieces, paint that whatever color you desire and use those pieces instead of cutting out your own.

There are so many fun ways to make this your own project and it's a great way to show how attentive you are to the things they enjoy!

3. Self Care Basket

last but not least, we almost put together a little self care basket. This last idea was the most expensive, however you can personalize it to whom ever you give it to. This is also a great gift for those of you who may not be as crafty as others. For the self care basket, you can really make it however you wish. For the self care basket I put together, we bought Loofahs, Body Wash, Essential Oils, Chap Stick, and Lotions. This was the most expensive gift totaling around $50, however compared to already made baskets, it is significantly cheaper. The great thing about making it yourself as well is being able to pick out exactly what you know your mom, wife, or sister likes.

Other things you could use to make a basket like this are bath bombs, candles, and hair care products. All of these are great things most women would enjoy. Some of the top products I would recommend including in this basket are, candles or essential oils because they make a space smell very good. I particularly like essential oils better because they have more functionality to them, you can use them in a defusser, or sprinkle some in a bath, you could even make your own candles with them. I also think adding a bottle of a hair or skin product she uses is a home run because you know she'll like the product and your giving her a free refill of it!

If you are still looking for more ways to make this a special day for a special woman, you could serve breakfast in bed, make her dinner, rub her feet, buy her flowers. There are all sorts of fun goodies you can get creative with however no matter what you get her I'm sure she'll love it because it's coming from you!

I hope everyone is doing well and is staying safe! Be sure to subscribe below, as well as follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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