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Across the country women's sport's don't get the recognition and support they deserve, let's put a stop to it.

In recent years the US has a seen an increase push for women sports recognition. Teams such as the Women's Soccer Team has publicly talked about the unfairness of pay, despite proving to bring in more revenue compared to the men's team. Just recently in the beginning of the year, the W.N.B.A. began to make a push for more pay and better benefits. In most sports the women get paid significantly less then the men who play the same exact sport. You may be asking yourself; how can this be?

I believe in order for these women to be paid better and treated like the super starts they are, they need more support. The moment basketball, softball, and soccer stadiums are being filled to capacity every single game or match will be the moment these organizations will realize what their athletes deserve.

Currently the women's soccer team generates a crowd average of 7,386 people. On average then men's team has a crowd of 21,692 people. Why can we bring that much support to our women's team? It's not that they are as talented or that its not as interesting because they are talented they have won the World Cup 4 times and the men's team has yet to win a world cup and it is interesting because this past summer over a billion people tuned in to watch the Women's World Cup.

Recently my brother and I got an opportunity to go see a women's basketball game at Rutgers University. We had a great time of course, however it was really heart breaking to see such a small amount of people come for support. They are coach by an amazing women C. Vivian Stringer, they are 4th in the Big Ten and they athletes are extremely talented. So why weren't there more fans? As women who want to see other women strive for success, we need to come out and support each other.

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro

How to Support

I am asking that we all try to make it out to support our women, if you are unsure how to do that here is a list of ways to help support our women's sports

- Visit a local High School girls sporting event

- Donate to a local/club/AAU girls sports team

- Bring your family to your University (or a local college) for a women's game/match

- Go on a date night to see a professional women's team

- Buy apparel from a women's team you like

Thank you for reading.

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1 commentaire

13 avr. 2020

Mikayla way to go! I read each blog and just fell in love with what God has given birth to within you! I’ve always believed, "Celebrating another woman's triumphs or success will never take away from your shine or glory. If anything, it'll add to it and create more light." Thanks for starting this blog and creating a sisterhood of many women! Wanda Bass

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