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The I Am Winning Project

I Am Woman's mission is to ensure that women from all walks of life feel heard and seen. Unfortunately it is common knowledge that women's athletics are severely under supported and under appreciated. After 18 long months of hard work, Mikayla & I are extremely excited to announce that the I Am Winning Project is fully up & running.

What is the I Am Winning Project? Let me give you an example. At my high school, and at the high school of many of my girl friends, the girls sports teams were not taken seriously. We were always an afterthought. Little funding went to us and most of the things we bought we had to fundraise for. This was not the case with many of the boys teams. The boys teams would receive new equipment and newer uniforms. Imagine how discouraging this is for a young woman? Young women should feel empowered when they play sports, and the amount of work they put in should be respected and celebrated. It is hard to keep trying when you are overlooked and underappreciated. I Am Woman wants to change this. We see you. We see your hard work. And we want to support you.

How do I support I Am Winning? Easy. ⅓ of any purchase will go to the I Am Winning Project Fund, this fund will be saved for athletes and girls sports teams that are underfunded and could use a little extra love! Shop I Am Winning Merch and help support a very well deserving girls sports team! You can start shopping here:

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