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The Importance of Awareness

Welcome to the first day of I Am Woman's Mental Health Awareness Week. For those who do not know, May is the month for Mental Health Awareness. Mental health has always been important to me, and I think it is topic everyone should be made aware of. In order to make society more aware of the importance of mental health, we ourselves need to be knowledgeable on what mental health is, how it can affect us/others, and how we can help. In this article I'm briefly going to talk about what mental health is, throughout this week I encourage you to follow us on our social media accounts (Instagram & Twitter) so you can learn more about some of the mental health illness that affect the population.

Mental health is defined as a person's condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well being. When people hear about mental health, most automatically think of a mental health illness, however bringing awareness to mental health is about letting people know that internal health is just as important as external health. It is important that all people with or without mental illness stay on top of their mental health, just as they would their physical health. You're mind makes up a big portion of who you are so it is best, no matter who we are, we take care of it.

For those without illness it is still wise to take care of your mind. Things such as managing stress in healthy ways, communicating your feelings, and trying to keep positive are all ways people can help maintain a healthy mind. In these next few lines I'm going to leave some links, tips, and tricks on how we all can better our minds. Please leave below in the comments what ideas you found most helpful and enjoyable.

Stress Management Links

Strengthening Communication Skills

Staying Positive

It is a common misconception to think that mental health awareness is only about supporting people with illnesses, it is about promoting the importance of mental health for everyone!

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about some of the mental health illnesses throughout the week. I will be posting back here again next week to wrap up our week of promoting awareness, until then be sure to check out any of the other articles!

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1 Comment

Ja'shon Bass
Ja'shon Bass
May 24, 2020

Great resources! The 10 tips for effective communication I found exceptionally valuable! Thank you 😊. I’ll have to take the “Begin with empathy” into account when communicating more often.

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