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50 before 25 - Virginia & Maryland?

Welcome back! For my birthday this year I had the absolute pleasure of going to one of the most nostalgic places with my favorite people. Chincoteague Island is located off the Eastern Shore of Virigina and is home to wild Chincoteague ponies. The island is bursting with wildlife both big and small: from the expansive bird population, to their uniquely colored ponies. This island, while small, has so much to offer for those who love nature!

Miki and I arrived at the Air BnB late Friday night and were greeted by my entire family! Shoutout to everyone who came down: Meghan, Josh, Kaitlyn, Saul, Abi, Kelly, Menna, Dominque, Uncle Frankie, Mom & Dad! Miki and I are ecstatic we were able to cross off Virginia with such a great group!

We started Saturday morning with a bike ride through a wildlife loop, something I have done many times in my childhood. I had only one request from Miki: that we ride a tandem bike through the loop. Because Miki is the best, she agreed. We were nervous at first, but I will admit, we were pros! Probably because we practically spend every waking hour together so we are already so in-sync.

After the bike ride Miki and I were determined to rent and ride a moped to the beach. Just picture how cool we looked. Admittedly, our coolness lasted maybe 10 minutes before we were in an accident. We were not at fault and we did not have any major injuries but the experience itself was scary. Please always be careful and drive safely.

We went to the beach after our accident and then had an early night (we were emotionally drained from the events of the morning).

The next day we had the BEST croissants at the Amarin Coffee and Bakery. I don’t say it lightly when I tell you these croissants were one of the best things to ever touch my lips. Later, we went on a guided boat tour of the island. Shoutout to our guides who were more than knowledgeable about all of the Chincoteague wildlife!


Question for the people! If Miki and I have driven through the state of Maryland upwards of 4 times now, does it count? I could probably map all of Maryland at this point. I know I know, we haven’t technically been there, but we also technically have! Let us know if you think Maryland counts in the comments below!

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1 Comment

Kaitlyn Owens
Kaitlyn Owens
Oct 01, 2023

It counts!! have you seem the size of Maryland 🤣

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