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I Am Ilena Agarwal

Welcome to the last I Am More Post of Self Care Month! It has been my pleasure to be able to share all these women with you. I hope they have inspired you, uplifted you, and reminded you that you can truly do anything you put your mind to. I also hope that I have linked you with business what have exposed to different kinds of products and services!

To wrap up this month's Self Care Month, I will be introducing you to Ilena Agarwal. She just began a business of her own where she sells mugs, shirts and other goodies with positive affirmations of them! To learn more about her products, head over to the business section, or click here to check out more information about The Positivity Zone!

As for Ilena, she was born in California, but around the age of 15 her and her family moved to Puerto Rico. For college she came back to the states where she attended Northeastern University, in Boston, where she studied philosophy law and ethics, and minored in psychology. She is now back in Puerto Rico, working for the government (because she works for the government she can’t speak about her position too much so to respect that we’re going to focus more on her business!). She just recently started an online affirmation shop called The Positivity Zone, where prints encouraging sayings on to cups, shirts and more!

Throughout our conversation we spoke about some struggles Ilena had to overcome. She told me how she has always struggled with body image and negative self talk and until recently didn’t know how to handle it. She is starting to overcome it by the creation of her store. She expressed to me that she was a creative person and creating her products is an outlet for her, as well as it makes her feel good to be able help people who may be going through the same things as her. I think that it’s very inspiring to hear how she has turned her struggle into such a positive situation. While some days might not be as good as others, she took her pain and turned it into a beautiful way to help others fill their minds with positivity. If there is anything to be learned from this post, I would say is to always remember after a storm comes a rainbow. So many of us, myself included, get caught up in the now and how things may suck now but we need to do a better job of focusing on how to make good out of bad. It will get us nowhere in life if we remain stagnant in circumstances we don’t like. We need to do a better job of overcoming things with plans that will help others when presented with similar situations. Illena is the perfect example of that and hopefully in 10 years her business will have grown and helped many more with the same difficulties.

Illena also gives a big shout out to her parents for always being there to support and inspire her. When I asked who her greatest female inspiration was, she attributed it to her mom, who she says has overcome a lot!

This post does wrap up our Self Care Month. I really hope you all have been introduced to a product, a new face, or a new business. I had so much fun sharing these lovely ladies and their companies with you! Thank you so much for reading!

Please know that if you or someone else you know is interested in being featured on here, be sure to reach out via email with contact information!

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