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The Positivity Zone

Today we will be ending the Self Care Month fiasco with a fun new business called The Positivity Zone, run by Ilena Agarwal. For more information on Ilena, check out her I Am More Article by clicking on her name.

The Positivity Zone is an online shop selling tee shirts, mugs, and posters with positive affirmations on them! The business blossomed from a struggle Ilena dealt with her whole life, a negative body image. She has recently begun to work through it and from that she has created the positivity zone to help promote positive self talk. The positivity zone is a place where girls and women can go to find positive inspiration and messages to help them through their days!

Her products are not only affordable, but also excellent quality. This is a shop everyone should save in their favorites because it is important to have encouraging words around your home, office, and on your body! You are what you surround yourself with, so be sure to take a look at some of the awesome inventory she has! The Positivity Zone can be found on Instagram, as well as Etsy and

I would definitely suggest buying products from because not only are they unique, but they are made from love and a deep care for promoting positive body images! Help spread awareness for such a big problem in our society by purchasing from The Positivity Zone!

Thank you all for participating in Self Care month! Please be sure to subscribe below if you like the content!

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