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I Am Ramona Torres

Who else has had a hectic start to September? I know I have, but I am so happy to bring this article to you all today! In this I Am More post I will be sharing Ramona Torres with all of you readers out there, and I introduced a new set of interview questions, so you're in for a treat! I hope you all enjoy it!

Ramona is originally from Newark, New Jersey and attended Elizabeth High School until the age of 17, when she moved to Virginia. She is currently attending Liberty University, looking to get her degree in early childhood education. As well as going to school, she works as an office manager for Pediatric Therapy Specialists of South Central PA.

Ramona is a woman of faith, who given the chance would rid the world of discrimination. She explained, it is because she believes that as men and women we were all created to be equal. Some of the ways she demonstrates her faith and helps rid the world of its bias’ is through her multiple acts of volunteer work. One of her organizations called Project Big Love, hosts an annual back to school “fair” where community leaders such as Ramona, reach out to outside community services to sponsor tents throughout the fair to help make parents and kids more aware of certain services within their community. At this fair, they give out book bags, hair cuts, school supplies, and much more. Another community service act she participates in is prison ministry, where she goes into the prisons to not only hold bible studies, but to also be a backbone for the inmates, men and women. Once they are released Ramona also helps them find churches to belong to as well as helping them find

jobs, get groceries, and other necessities. When talking to her about these services she does for her community, I was in awe. It is such an amazing thing to hear her speak on what she does and how she helps people. I think we all should take a lesson from Ramona, to get out in our communities and find different ways to help those in need.

<- Ramona At Project Big Love

When asked, Ramona attributes her greatest accomplishment to being the mother of 4 wonderful children. She does note that it wasn’t easy and given the chance she would do some things differently, however she is beyond grateful to be able to be a mother! Part of this gratitude comes from her struggles growing up without her mom. Ramona explained how as girls, we learn from our mothers what it is to be a woman and how hard it was for her to overcome navigating womanhood on her own, without the guidance from her mom.

She also went on to say that in her household, and within the hispanic culture, the boys are “sculpted” differently from the girls. Ramona remembers her brothers being told to go to school, get an education, work hard, however she always remembers being told to learn how to take care of man. When she was explaining that to me, I knew then I had to touch on it. I think that it is perfectly ok for women to want to grow up, find a man, marry him and take care of him for the rest of her life; as long as it is her choice to do so. I think circumstances such as Ramona’s become unfair when the child isn’t pushed to achieve anything they want. I think women, as well as men, should be taught how to care for a home and be pushed to make a path for themselves at the same time. I don’t think they should ever have to choose one or the other, because both are achievable.

To wrap this post up, when asked Ramona attributed her greatest supporters to her husband, within her married life, and her older brother! Super shoutout to them for being such a good backbone to her! And another shoutout goes to her childhood bestie, Louise for always being there for her!

Thank you all for reading! Please feel free to share your thoughts in this post in the comments below! Don’t forget, if you know a woman that needs to be featured on I Am Woman, email me her contact information and I’ll be happy to reach out to her! If you don’t already, scroll to the bottom to subscribe and head over to Instagram, so you can follow us @iam.wwoman! (or tap the blue underlined word)

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