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That’s right, I’ve got another woman owned business for you! Today I am introducing you to Jasmithdesigns, owned and operated by Jasmine Smith. Jasmith designs is a woman owned business that sells handmade stickers, keychains, tote bags and more. Jasmine does a great job of designing beautiful items filled with positive messages and good vibes.

The biggest thing that attracted me to Jasmithdesigns were the unique sticker designs. I love stickers, I have a bunch all over my laptop case from all different women owned businesses. What I love about Jasmine’s designs are, even if there aren’t positive words on the item, the item is still designed to give off positive, relatable vibes. Jasmine explained to me that it was very important to her that her business have a brand that is relatable and uplifting. Two of my personal favorites include her “let's roll” sticker, with the roller skates, and the “grow through what you go through” sticker. Both stickers are extremely relatable and have a positive message to them, all of Jasmine's items are like this.

As I continue on my small business shopping venture, it is important to me that I like the people I am buying from. The more I try to buy from small businesses, the more I find myself buying from people I can relate to, look up too, and agree with. Since following Jasmine I have loved the person she is, but being able to speak with her and get to know her better has been even more amazing. The beauty of shopping small is knowing who you are buying from and supporting. I can assure you that when you buy from Jasmithdesigns, you are buying from a hard working, driven, and extremely sweet woman.

To stay connected with Jasmithdesigns, be sure to follow her on Instagram and TikTok @jasmithdesigns. To shop her store, head over to Etsy and search Jasmithdesigns, or click here.

Thank you all for taking time out to learn more about a new woman owned business! If you enjoy learning about women owned business be sure to subscribe below. If you or anyone you know has a woman owned business please be sure to send me an email to, so that we can all learn about more women owned businesses.

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