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The Pretty Pink Rooster

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

With only a few days before Black Friday, and a few weeks before Christmas I will be bringing you 3 woman owned businesses you can shop from in the next few weeks. Today I will be sharing The Pretty Pink Rooster with you!

The Pretty Pink Rooster is a brick and mortar store located in Bernardsville, New Jersey. The shop is run by the lovely Alexandra Daras. Alexandra is a 4th generation store owner in Bernardsville, and she is the first woman within her family's 4 generations.

If you have already read Alexandra’s feature, then you are aware she taught kindergarten for 10 years before opening The Pretty Pink Rooster. Originally it was an idea her and her father had, many years before The Pretty Pink Rooster was originated. Unfortunately, during that time Alexandra’s father passed very suddenly and she put the planning to halt. Alexandra took 4 years to cope and heal from the pain she suffered after losing her dad. At the 4 year mark Alexandra began to move forward again with the plans for her own boutique. She started out as just an online store, however it eventually grew into its first physical locations! To honor her father Alexandra and her family decided to name the store after his favorite animal, the rooster. To this day her father will live on through the store and all the customers its items bring happiness to.

The idea behind The Pretty Pink Rooster is items that make women feel beautiful, confident and comfortable without the items being too expensive. All of the jewelry and accessories in the store are $50 and under. You can also find womens clothing, candles, mugs, journals, and various other items. The unique part of the boutique is, almost all items never return once sold out. Alexandra keeps her inventory super fresh by consistently buying new products and rarely restocking old ones. Her advice to you is, “If you see something you like, get it, because I can't promise it will be here tomorrow!”

While most of us are used to Black Friday Shopping, at the Pretty Pink Rooster they have Pink Friday deals. If you live in the area be sure to stop in on Friday, but if you are not close enough to visit the store in person you can still shop online! The link to the shop will be listed below!

Thank you all for taking the time to learn about a new woman owned business! If you’d like to learn more about woman owned businesses, subscribe below for an update on my next article!

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