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Mosaic the Label

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

A few months ago I found Mosaic the Label through a friend and instantly fell in love. Continue reading to learn more about the brand dedicated to bringing inclusivity to our homes!

Brittany Pogue Mohammed Acosta started Mosaic the Label because of the lack of inclusive clothing for her multiracial daughter. Brittany was looking for tee shirts for her daughter when she realized all the characters on the clothing available were either white or black, no inbetween. During our conversation, she explained how much it bothered her. For a while after that shopping experience she would turn the frustration over in her mind, trying to figure out a solution. Being a mixed woman herself, it hit home that she never had many items that she could relate to when it came to the color of her skin. It was the frustration of not being represented and the fear that her daughter would feel the same as she did that pushed Brittany to start Mosaic the Label.

Mosaic is a small business designed to bring inclusive clothing & other various items to the mixed community. As I mentioned earlier, I learned about Brittany and her Brand Mosaic, through a friend (spoiler, she will be featured on I Am Woman soon as well) and as soon as I opened Mosaic’s instagram page I fell in love. For those who are not aware, I am mixed myself and I can not express enough how important it is that more people are aware of brands like Mosaic the Label.

Brittany sells many different items including: shirts, hoodies, stickers, pins, tote bags and more. Brittany & myself both agree that our favorite item are her shirts that read “Please, tell me again how I don’t look black.” I fully support Brittany and everything Mosaic the Label has to offer, I highly encourage you to head over to her website and check out some of her items. The items shown in this post are a part of the new product launch Mosaic the Label is having on Friday! If you find yourself falling in love with these items like I did, Brittany has offered the I Am Woman community 25% off when you use code IAMWOMANSHARE25 at checkout. Head to to start shopping!

To close out this post, a big shout out goes to her mother in law who is her biggest supporter, as well as her whole family. Brittany expressed how they come over and ask if they can go shopping in her home office.

Thank you so much for reading! If you want to stay updated with new items and apparel from Mosaic the Label, follow them on Instagram @mosaicthelabel

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