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Support Girls Girl Culture!

Generation after generation, children are taught to be kind to one another. Theoretically kindness is a key foundational skill, however somewhere along the way of growing up the practice is lost. For some reason, it’s popularly known that in middle school girls are mean to specifically the other girls around them and from there on out it's not uncommon to hear about young girls/ women treating the women around them poorly. If we are taught from pre-school to be nice to one another, how is it that adult women can be so unkind to their fellow female peers? This March, Women’s History Month, I Am Woman wants to encourage you to be supportive and uplifting to everyone around you, but especially the women in your circle! Be a girl’s girl!

Girls Girl

What is a girl’s girl? To be for the girls is to be a woman who prioritizes respecting, supporting and uplifting the women around them. For a young girl in middle school, being a girl’s girl looks like sticking up for your friend when someone else is talking about them behind their back. For a woman in the workforce if your for the girls, when another woman gets the promotion you wanted you don’t bash her for it, congratulate her and look inward on how you can level up differently. In society we have enough trouble trying to be seen as equal, it doesn’t help if there are also women looking down on women.

Recently in pop culture the term “pick me” has stirred up to describe certain women. To be a “pick me" means to be a girl or woman who will do anything for male acceptance and the approval of a man. Some of you may be thinking, well who cares if other women seek the approval of men, it doesn’t affect you. You’re right, here at I Am Woman we encourage women to do what makes them happy and if having a man's acceptance brings you joy, then by all means go for it. However, I do have issues with women pining for a man's approval when achieving that approval requires actions that tear other women down. Women should not be tearing other women down for anyone, male or female.

Girl Girl

Truth be told, I am not a fan of using the term “pick me” because I think it creates a divide amongst women, especially when the phrase is thrown around so often and very incorrectly. While the definition is unbiased, the connotation it has in society is negative, so by labeling another woman a “pick me” you are participating in the gossiping and bullying (so to speak) of another woman. Let's kill the phrase “pick me” and promote the phrase “girls girl.”

As you all should know, here at I Am Woman we are for the girls and that means all the girls. Women who have careers, girls who love art, women who are stay at home moms, and girls who play sports. This is a space where ladies from all over should feel heard and empowered. There needs to be more spaces like this in communities around the world and you can be the person to start them. March is the month where we honor the women who have made history by creating opportunities for the women before them, I encourage you to take your girls girl energy and make history in the same light this March!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give this a read, if you enjoy content like this please be sure to scroll down to the bottom and subscribe to be notified when new articles are posted. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the IAW store; new products just dropped featuring your new favorite term "girls girl." Please be aware that 5% of all sales made this month will be donated to the Girl Scouts!

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Love the part about pick me girls. So true

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