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The Holiday Happiness Movement

Can you even believe the holiday season is already upon us? Time just continues to fly by. Here at I Am Woman this is both Robyn & I's favorite time of the year. I love thanksgiving cause I love to eat & Robyn is a Christmas junkie. In previous year's IAW has flown under the radar during the last two months of the year, which didn't feel right considering we both enjoy this time of the year so much. In celebration of our joy for the holidays & in honor of my two great grandmothers, whom I lost this year & spent their lives giving back to their community, we are bringing you all Holiday Happiness for the next 7 weeks.

What is Holiday Happiness? It is an I Am Woman movement to spread smiles & encourage you all to do some community service work this holiday season in hopes it reaches the people who suffer during this time of the year. While both Robyn & I love this season, many people suffer through it due to loss, trauma, and loneliness. We hope to spread joy wide enough that is affects the people who need it the most. The Holiday Happiness Movement is all about helping those around us. Robyn & I will be randomly paying for the meals of the people behind us in whatever drive through line we end up in, for the next 7 weeks. There are plenty of other acts of service you can participate in to be apart of the movement. We know not everyone can afford to do things like pay for others & suck so check out the little check list to the right for a few ideas.

If you do decide to join our movement, please be sure to take pics and tag IAW in them. It wouldn't be the holidays if there wasn't an I Am Woman giveaway in the mix. So when you do tag us, you can rest assure your name will be added to the giveaway! There will only be one winner, but the idea is have spread smiles all season long, so the more you do for your community the greater chance you have of winning.

We thank you in advance for your support and participation! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out and email or DM us.

Email -

Instagram - @iam.wwoman

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