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Mental Health - Strength in Asking For Help

The awareness of mental health is valuable and productive for living a high-quality life. In connection with awareness, taking action to improve your mental health is equally as valuable. For women who are struggling, taking action to improve your mental health can be seeking emotional support (from either a professional or a close loved one), making yourself and your feelings a priority, as well as having the patience to understand and move through hard feelings. It is as essential to nurse your mind as it is to care for your physical health.

Society can easily point at women who go to therapy to label them as weak when truly this is a sign of strength. These women are bravely facing their struggles headfirst and using their strength to manage and cope with them. There is a large misjudgment of therapy and what it entails; therapy is not only the stereotype of laying on a couch and venting to a therapist. Therapy can guide you to having a better understanding of who you are, what you need, and provide skills to process major life changes, while supplying a safe space to do so. One major misjudgment of using therapy is that you must be heavily struggling or experiencing a crisis to join. If you have the opportunity, therapy is a notable mechanism for any and all emotional struggles, regardless of proportion.

Countless women withhold seeking help because of a lack of validation. This can occur from unreasonably comparing your struggles to others or holding the belief that you should be able to handle your struggles on your own. You do not need to prove your struggles to be valid and be able to get help. Comparing your struggles to others can be extremely harmful. It is critical to consider the reality that everything has a different effect on each separate person. To illustrate this, consider two unrelated single mothers. It is not easy to independently raise a child yet, the level of hardship these two women will face will unfailingly differ. There are several individual outside factors that determine the ultimate difficulty of both of their situations. All in all, avoid withholding yourself from resources for the reason you don’t feel valid enough. Every and all of our struggles are valid.

It is necessary to make the dark sides of mental health struggles visible. Mental health struggles of women are not only dealing with negative thoughts and stressful situations. Take into consideration, the women dealing with postpartum emotional struggles. Too many women suffering from this have committed suicide; inn some cases, women have gone into postpartum psychosis and committed violent out of character acts. Depressive episodes can get extremely deep to the point of no personal hygiene or further. In some situations, people deep in depression have poor dental health, some even lose teeth due to this. Experiencing mania can cause harmful hallucinations and a severe loss of identity or depersonalization. These cases occur frequently, possibly more than we imagine.

Given these points, the gravity of nurturing your mental health is clear. As commonly said, awareness is truly key. Taking care of your mind can have a significant favorable reflection on your life. Make sure that you are making your mental health a priority while utilizing resources as ways to nurture it. Hold patience in this journey and trust yourself to guide you out of your struggles. Everyone is worthy of healing and healing is achievable for everyone.

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