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Adorned by Aisha

It has been a while, but I am back with a new woman owned business for you all to enjoy! I first came across this business at Christmas Village in Philadelphia almost 2 years ago. Robyn and I were there with her family when we walked by a beautiful booth with unique jewelry pieces. The booth belonged to Aisha, and despite the delay, I am thrilled to introduce you all to her business Adorned by Aisha.

Adorned by Aisha is a woman owned business that offers quirky, whimsical, handmade jewelry. Some of her pieces include gorgeous pressed flower necklaces, vintage inspired rings, and my personal favorite, a unique line inspired by literature. Aisha began the business in 2011 based on a culmination of all the skills she had acquired throughout her life. However, it wasn’t until after her first craft show that she realized she had a plentiful business on her hands. She detailed to me the excitement she had, explaining to her boyfriend at the time “I could do this, I could do this for a living.”

I've had the privilege of connecting with numerous remarkable business owners, each with their own unique achievements. As success is subjective and personal, I enjoy engaging with these owners and inquiring about their most significant accomplishments. When asked her greatest achievement thus far, Aisha had 2 answers; a pre pandemic answer and a post pandemic answer. Pre Pandemic, Aisha was very proud that she had reached a place where she could have the help of a hired staff, however post pandemic made room for evaluation and change leaving her with a new accomplishment of having 2 big time wholesale accounts. So you can now find Aisha in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in their Handmade and American gift shop, as well as in Uncommon Goods. So if you happen to be in the Philadelphia Museum of Art or shopping online on Uncommon Goods, be sure to check out Adorned by Aisha.

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I hope you all enjoy your new jewelry, tell me what you get in the comments below!

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