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Applauding Women

I’m back with another woman owned business to be shared with the world!

Today we will be highlighting Applauding Women, a small business created by Diana Austin to help empower women to be proud of who they are no matter what. Diana got started with Applauding Women when she came to the realization she really enjoyed being a business owner. She explained to me how years ago she had a small jewelry business that she really enjoyed running but due to life she fell off with it. After reading a book called Don’t Keep Your Day Job, Diana sat back to examine her life and where she wanted to go next. After thinking it over and speaking with her mom, she concluded she wanted to start dedicating more time to empowering women. Diana wants her brand to make women feel less alone and more accepted for who they are. As someone who has the amazing opportunity to work with her multiple times, I can say she does an amazing job at living up to her expectations.

Diana has various different items she sells in support of her brand and her mission. These items include sweatshirts, journals, stickers, key chains and tee shirts. I have purchased a few things in the past from Diana and I have loved them! The quality and durability of her stickers is phenomenal and during christmas time, the ornament I bought from her looks amazing on our family tree! I'm a sucker for anything that promotes women empowerment, so naturally I want to buy her whole store and I encourage you to do the same!

Applauding Women not only sells items geared towards empowering women but also interviews women from various different backgrounds. You can find the interviews on the Applauding Women youtube channel (you might find mine there). Personally what I love most about Applauding women are the interviews, as many know I am in full support of those who share the stories of others because sharing is how we all learn and grow. So please be sure to subscribe to Applauding Women on youtube in order to keep up with new interviews!

To conclude this article, I want to encourage you to head over to and be on the lookout for Diana's personal favorite item in her store, the signature Applauding Women crew neck. You can also follow Applauding Women on Instagram @applaudingwomen.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about another amazing woman owned business! I am so happy I was able to feature Diana’s business and be sure to let me know of any other women owned businesses you’d like to see featured!

To learn more about women owned businesses be sure to scroll down to the bottom and subscribe for updates on when new articles are posted!

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