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Today I am so excited to bring you a new woman owned business; it has been too long! The business I will be highlighting is BySheriseRae, a cute online shop that sells macrame car charms, stickers, tee shirts, portraits and more, as well as branding packages for businesses!

BySheriseRae is run by Sherise Rae Galagarza who started her business to promote positivity through her creativity. BySheriseRae began while Sherise was on maternity leave, during COVID and her husband bought her an ipad for added entertainment. With the new ipad Sherise would practice her drawing and designing. From there, she allowed herself to be courageous and she began to sell some of her work, which eventually grew into BySheriseRae.

I wanted to share this business with you all because I love the message her business spreads. All of the BySheriseRae products are geared towards promoting positivity and encouraging healthy self talk. As someone who has dealt with a negative perception of themselves and was very pessimistic, I want to do my part in sharing resources that help with those bad habits. It is also of extreme importance to me to promote the high quality products and hard work of those around me.

All of her products are made with love and made to last. The stickers I bought were not only beautiful, but were great quality and the shipping time was quick! These past few weeks I have also worked with Sherise on some new branding for I Am Woman, which I’m super excited about, and she has been amazing to work with. Anyone out there with a business and needs branding, I highly recommend reaching out to Sherise. She is quick, talented and has done a great job of understanding my vision.

With that being said, you can check out BySheriseRae at and follow her on Instagram @bysheriserae. If you live in the US, you can get free shipping with any purchase over $50, so be sure to show her some support! Once order comes in the mail, be sure to tag both Sherise and myself in a picture or video of your new goodies!

Thank you all for taking the time to learn about a new business, I can’t wait to share more with you! If you enjoy finding a new woman owned business to support be sure to subscribe down below to be notified of when a new article is posted. Already know of a woman owned business you love? Please be sure to send their information to me through instagram @iam.wwoman or email

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