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J. Walker Salon Group

Welcome back to another business post! Today we are talking about Salons! More specifically J. Walker Salon Group run and owned by Jessica Walker. If you haven’t already, go ahead and give her name a click to read more about how she came to be!

As for J. Walker Salons, there are 3 locations you can find them; Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, and Mendham (all locations are in New Jersey). Beware that these 3 locations offer different services. At the Basking Ridge location it is all about the men. It is a full service barbershop where they cut, color, and groom for all the desired looks in mind. The Bernardsville spot is a wellness oasis where they offer hair, make up, waxing, facials, full body massages and plenty more! If you are looking for a great spa day, no matter the ocasion, J. Walker Wellness is the place to be! And last but not least, the Mendham location is similar to the Bernardsville location, however it is a smaller, more intimate place.

Before J. Walker salons grew into its three different spaces, Jessica started her business at the age of 19, right after graduating cosmetology school. Since the beginning, her family and community has supported her, therefore she is always making sure to give back to her community as J. Walker salons continues to grow!

If you follow them on Instagram (click Instagram) you will be able to keep up with them and what they are about! Plus if you were thinking about taking a day to relax and be pampered, just head over to their website , find a location nearest to you and book your appointment!

Remember this month is all about exposing you all to small businesses aimed towards helping take better care of yourself! If you haven’t already please be sure to check out our other posts linked below! Make sure to not miss last week's post, you’ll find a pretty sweet deal within the article!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting! Have a great day!

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