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I Am Maria Murphy

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

“Follow your heart & stay true to yourself”

Hi! I hope all the viewers this post reaches are doing well and enjoying the last moments of summer the best they can. Today’s post will feature Maria Murphy, who reached out from after reading a post on Jessica Walker! Maria does have a full time job working in the fashion industry for over 30 years, but she also owns a business called Lei - Lei where she sells handcrafted items made only by women from impoverished countries. If you’d like to know more about Lei- Lei be sure to click here and give her business post a read!

As for Maria, she was born and raised on Long Island and after highschool she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she got her associates degree in buying and merchandising as well as a bachelors in marketing. She currently works for a company called Kasper, where she is the Senior Director of Sales.

Since we are in August we did speak on what her greatest advice would be, she said that she would strongly urge everyone to follow their heart and stay true to who they are. I am a huge fan of this advice because I think it can apply to everyone at one point in life or another. Throughout each day we are presented with tons of decisions to make and follow through with the actions attached to the decision made. For many these day to day decisions can become annoying and overwhelming because of all the outside influences we let help guide our thinking. The outside noise clogs up the airways to hear what our true wants and desires are, but what would happen if one day we blocked all the outside noise out and only listened to ourselves? I’d like to think we’d be the happiest version of ourselves, as well as the most motivated to apply the actions that go along with the decisions made for that day. I’m really glad Maria brought this advice to the table because we all need to be reminded to do what’s best for us, not allowing the outside world to change who we are.

Another great topic Maria and I spoke about were the challenges many of us are facing in real time, maintaining focus from day to day in the climate we live in now. Maria confessed to me her struggle with finding energy and strength to work from home for the past 4 months. She told me how it is a constant battle with herself, a battle she never expected to fight. I’m sure many of us can relate to what she is going through, we live in unprecedented times where it is easy to let our nerves get the best of us, allow distractions to take over, and forget our “regular” way of life. However Maria and the rest of the world have made it through the past 4 months and I am sure we will continue to push forward, with better days ahead. Like I said before I think anyone reading this can relate so please feel free to share your experiences and possible remedies below in the comments; I’d love to read them and so will everyone else! This is a time in life where we need to stick together and help each other out. I started this blog with the intentions of building a community, communities aid one another in times of need. Please always feel free to engage in the comments with any thoughts, advice, or positive vibes to spread throughout I Am Woman!

My conversation with Maria didn’t stop there either, we also went on to shine light on her greatest female inspiration, whom she attributed to her mother. She explained that her mom was a hard worker and completely devoted to her children. Maria’s father did pass away when she was 12, so Maria explained how in awe of her mom's strength and stability she was considering the hard circumstances her mother was put in.

While Maria did acknowledge her mom's constant support, unfortunately her mom passed away about 15 years ago, but she does give a shout out to her husband for all of his support and encouragement throughout their time together. She also gives a shout out to her girlfriends who have been there to motivate and encourage her when she was down.

Thank you all for taking time out to read this! I hope you all enjoyed and please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, no need to sign in!

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1 Comment

Maria Murphy
Maria Murphy
Oct 16, 2020

Mikayla, thank you for taking the time to chat with me and share my passion for my ethically sourced fair trade business. It's ladies like you that help spread the message of supporting female owned businesses while also paying it forward. I'm so glad that we connected and look forward to seeing you spread your wings and fly higher!! xo M

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