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I Am Stacy Hale

It has been a while since I’ve had the pleasure to introduce you all to a new, beautiful face! I am back and here to highlight one of the most determined women I have ever met, Stacy Hale. Over the holidays I had the pleasure of getting to talk with Stacy. I learned about her through Courtney Terry, whom I have featured here on I Am Woman. From there I partnered with her on the pad collection project I had and then most recently she asked me to speak at a group retreat she had for the Sisters in Training For Life club she runs at Franklin Highschool. I say all of that to say, after learning about what she does and being able to work with her myself, there was no doubt in my mind that she had to be featured on I Am Woman, so here we are.

Stacy Hale is originally from Irvington, but eventually moved to the Iselin/ Woodbridge Area, where she graduated from JFK High School. From there she went to Delaware State University for a year before transferring to Rutgers University. Stacy not only has her bachelor's degree, but she also has 2 masters from Kean University. She currently works for Franklin High School as the Student Assistance Coordinator.

Aside from her children, when asked Stacy attributes her greatest achievement was receiving her license as a professional counselor, as well as recently opening up her own private practice. Throughout the years Stacy’s career journey took her down various different paths, she always had a passion for helping others but during her trek to success she found it hard to always stay the course she set for her. Stacy expressed that this was most likely the hardest thing she’s had to overcome, but she overcame it. She explained to me how easy it was for her to get sidetracked helping others fulfill their dreams or trying to be someone she was not. For many of us out there, this is relatable, for many it is happening right now. It is so easy to go with the flow of things, it has always been hard to make a mess of things and go your own way. Let Stacy be an example to any of you not truly living out your dreams, that it is okay to go your own way. She told me how she had tried to go in different directions, however she always ended up back on the road she strayed from. It won’t be a walk in the park, but if you are not living the life you want, if you are not chasing the dreams you dreamt; why not start now?

While explaining to me how she overcame the obstacle of staying true to her goal she also hit on the safety of being comfortable. Throughout many points in our lives we all get comfortable, meaning we all plateau and stop pushing ourselves for more, maybe we stop believing that we are capable of accomplishing more. While Stacy and I were chatting she informed me of how she landed the job she currently has, before coming to Franklin she was working in the Neptune School District. She was comfortable and established there, however a job opportunity closer to home had opened up. She was reluctant to go for the interview, being content with where she was, but with the push from a good friend she went for the interview. From being at Franklin Stacy has had the opportunity to to grow a program, as well as start a club; Sisters in Training For Life. In the club Stacy has helped begin a community of young females who are determined, smart, and compassionate. I say all that to say had she stayed in Neptune, who’s to say things would have worked out the way they did. Don’t get comfortable, keep pushing yourself in order to keep achieving goals and accomplishing success. Where would Stacy be if she had stayed comfortable? Where will you end up if you stay content?

To wrap this article up, Stacy attributes her greatest female inspiration to her mother because of the strength she has always demonstrated throughout Stacy’s life. Another woman she has admired for years is Iyanla Vanzant due to the way she carries herself and how inspirational she has been not only to Stacy but all the people she has affected through her books and counseling. She also mentioned her respect for all black females who are working hard and putting out a good image.

I am so lucky I was able to chat with Stacy and share her life and lessons with you all! If there is a woman in your life whom you know deserves to be featured here, be sure to send me an email at with the best contact information to reach her with! I look forward to speaking with whoever you send my way!

I thank you all for taking the time to read, if you loved this post and are interested in learning about more wonderful women be sure to scroll to the bottom and subscribe! Another great way to stay connected with I Am Woman is through Instagram, follow @iam.wwoman.

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