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I Am Sue McAndrews

“I’m a firm believer in things always working out”

- Sue McAndrews

Welcome back to another I Am More post, today I am going to be sharing Sue McAndrews with you! I was lucky enough to have her as a teacher my senior year and she is such a vibrant person I had to share her with you all!

Sue graduated high school from Paramus Catholic and went to Montclair State University where she got her degree in Marketing Management with a concentration in Business Education and minor in Accounting. From there she put her degree to good use, teaching business in multiple different districts, taking time off from teaching to help her husband run their business and then eventually she came back to teaching and she wound up in South Plainfield, giving me the opportunity to have her as a teacher.

When asked Sue attributed her greatest achievement to having her son and being able to have a wonderful family. She expressed to me that any one who knows her knows that family is her number 1 and this pandemic has really affected her by putting a halt to being able to see and enjoy the ones she loves.

A topic we touched on during our conversation was trying to achieve perfection. Sue explained that the hardest obstacle for her to overcome was herself. She sets these high, unachievable standards for herself in attempts to achieve perfection, but we all know that perfection is impossible. While listening to Sue explain, I could really relate. I myself have struggled with the same obstacle; striving for perfection and holding myself to impossible standards; I’m sure there are many of you out there that can relate! For those who are struggling in this department, McAdrews gave the advice to sit back and relax; which of course is easier said than done. But I do think that for those who do strive for perfection it is the best advice to be given, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself in order to see good results is to take a break. We all can get so caught up in how things should, what we want things to like; constantly living in the future and while we’re doing that present is wasting away.

Another challenge Sue addressed was the stresses of teaching through a pandemic. Since March, teachers around the world have been given one of the most difficult tasks they have ever seen, teaching students through the internet. As a college student I can agree with McAndrews when she says this is the hardest thing ever and it’s not working. While there are very little solutions to be offered to this obstacle, teachers keep your head up and students keep trying your best. Please be sure to leave some appreciation for all teachers down in the comments below because they are more than deserving of it.

To wrap up this article a super big shout out goes to Sue’s Dad whom she deemed her greatest supporter. While he is no longer with her, he lives on in her heart, still pushing her to be her best! Her greatest female inspiration goes to Eleanor Roosevelt because during a time where women were still oppressed she supported her and her family when her husband got sick. Sue also said she feels as though she can relate to Eleanor because of her strong personality and dedication to her family!

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