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I Love Me, Let's Get Healthy

Hello readers, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an article. If you're wondering where I have been, I have been in the midst of putting together an extraordinary project for January. With January 1st quickly approaching in two days. As we all know after the ball drops on New Years Eve, it is American culture to break out the fasting and amp up the weekly workouts, these are also known as New Year's Resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight. In my opinion people in today’s society are obsessed with being “skinny”, not with genuinely being healthy and fit.

Today I wanted to talk about the pressures and standards we stand when it comes to our appearance. From a young age we are over-stimulated with the images of what a “perfect” person looks like, one of the attributes that makes them perfect is the size of their body. In most cases the size of that body is fit and thin. It is everywhere, just today I heard a radio ad for a fad diet that is supposed to make you look great. The key problem with that is you don’t have to be thin to look great! Each and everyone of us have been created differently, if we are all created differently why should we all look like?

Not everyone is meant to be stick thin, not everyone is meant to have a big butt or a super tiny waist. It is too often that society tries to influence us with standards that are impossible to meet, unhealthy to our bodies, and unproductive for most lifestyles.

With that being said I am more than ecstatic to announce that for the month of January I will be hosting a 4 week challenge called I Love Me that was designed to break the cycle of fad diets and weight obsessions. Over the past few months I have been overwhelmed with the realization of how many people mistreat their bodies in an attempt to look great. Throughout this challenge I will ask you to renovate your current diet, reprogram your mind to find your value/ happiness in something other than your outward appearance, and guide you in effectively moving your body everyday.

I will be conducting the challenge on both Instagram and Facebook, so if you don’t already follow me be sure to hit the follow button before the challenge begins.

To go along with the challenge, there will also be a give away at the end of the month for those who participate in the challenge, More details for how to enter into the raffle will be posted on January 1 at the start of the challenge.

It is so easy to get caught up in believing that thin is better, but from my own experience as a very thin person thin people are not necessarily the happier ones. For your 2021 resolution I am asking you to start loving yourself more by joining me in this lifestyle challenge. I wish you all the happiest and healthiest new year. Thank you for reading and be sure to subscribe down below, as well as follow me on Instagram @iam.wwoman.

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