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The Cycle Studio

Updated: May 27, 2020

Have you been looking for the perfect place to work out? Are you tired of the over crowded gym? If so I urge you to read the rest of this post and check out The Cycle Studio in Clark, New Jersey.

(Above is a picture of all of The Cycle Studio instructors)

I have been going to work out at The Cycle Studio for about a year now and I've been working there for a little over 6 months, and when I say it is one of my favorite places to be, I mean it. I am no workout guru, however I was a runner in high school and I used to go to the gym with my dad. Therefore, I do believe that makes me qualified to know a little bit about getting a good work out and trust me when I say you will get a great work out there. The atmosphere is extremely friendly, you will always be greeted with a smile and the people are all very welcoming. The instructors are very talented, depending on the day some instructors teach two classes back to back. The classes are easy to follow along to, the instructor is always at the front of the class demonstrating the work outs. Whether you are just beginning a journey in fitness or you've been on the road for a long time, I'd say it is a must to stop by and give it a try. Your first class is free!!

As for the classes, there are many to choose from. While the name of the studio is The Cycle Studio, they offer more than just cycling classes; there are fitness classes as well.

The traditional cycle class consists of a 40 minute musically themed ride on the indoor stationary bikes. Within this ride there are hills, an arm song (a song dedicated to working out your arms with barbell weights and light peddling), multiple moments of high speed peddling, along with different kinds of choreography (such as push ups on the handle bars and different variations of jumps to the music). After the 40 minutes on the bike, there is 20 minute core portion in our fitness room where the instructor will have the class work on pilate's based exercises to strengthen core muscles. For those looking for a quick workout during a busy day there is a 45 minute cycle express class; it's the same as the hour long class except there is no 20 minute core workout. However, if you're seeking a more challenging experience, try a hard core class; it is a 45 minutes class filled with intense speed ups and long hills.

Along with the cycling classes, the studio offers many different kinds of full body fitness workouts. There are barre classes, kettle bell classes, and boot camp like classes,(known as the Burn class). Barre was the first class I had ever taken at the studio. It is a full body workout, it is a more pilates based structure however you do use a ballet bar for balance. In a barre class the teacher can pick from hand weights, pilates circles, stretch bands, or work out balls to use as props during the class. This class is a class take if you are looking for a tight and toned body. The burn class is similar to a boot camp styled class. This class also involves different props depending on the day and is also a full body workout. Last but certainly not least, the kettle bell class. This class was just recently added to schedule and is very unique to the studio. It is a full body strengthening class, where the only prop you use is a kettle bell (the weight of the kettle bell is to your choosing). There are similar barre principles in this class, but is definitely not the same class and like all the other fitness classes this class is an hour long.

For anyone looking to lose weight, tone their body, or just stay in shape; I highly recommend coming to check out the studio. For more information on class times and prices visit and remember, your first class is free!

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