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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Woman Owned Businesses

We are officially in the thick of the holiday season, and 24/7 shopping is in full swing. Year after year we all swear we’ll start shopping earlier, or not buy gifts for as many people, but the stresses of gift giving still always come on strong this time of year. If you are struggling with a few people on your list, you’re in luck, because below is a full holiday gift guide to woman owned businesses who have tons of items just itching to be shipped to you! As always shopping woman owned is important to I Am Woman, so here is a gift guide that makes shopping woman owned easy! For each business you will find a personal review, pictures of ready to purchase items, as well as direct links to each business. Shopping should be fun, easy, and intentional; here at IAW we hope this helps make that possible.

Mosaic the Label

Mosaic the Label is a women owned business, run by Brittany Pogue Mohammed Acosta. Mosaic sells items that are created with those who are mixed in mind, some of these products include; sweatshirts, tee shirts, stickers, pins etc. Their mission is to help those who are mixed identify who they are and what it means to be biracial/ multiracial. As a mixed kid myself, I LOVE Mosaic the Label! Pictured to the right is my favorite tee shirt & I just received a new sweatshirt from their new release that I’m obsessed with. If you or someone else your gifting this holiday season is mixed, head to Mosaic the Label for a great gift! At check out code iamwomanshare25 will earn you 25% off your order! To learn more about Mosaic the Label, click here to read our full article on the great things Brittany is doing with Mosaic.

*I Am Woman is partnered with Mosaic the Label & will profit off of your purchase if you use the promo code listed above*

Applauding Women

Looking to appeal to the feminist forward people in your life this December? Head over to Applauding Women for items that encourage & uplift women. Dianna Austin is the owner of Applauding Women, a brand that centers around supporting women. Diana offers items such as journals, sweatshirts, stickers, & tee shirts. Applauding Women aims to motivate & inspire women of all backgrounds and giving a gift that not only uplifts the important women in your life, but also supports such a powerful mission is a win, win in my book. I have quite a few favorites from Applauding Women, but her sticker designs are amongst my most cherished. There are also a few journals I have my eye on, I hope you get them before I do! Before you rush over to shop, know that Diana was kind enough to gift us all with 10% off when you use IAMWOMAN10 at check out! If you want to learn more about Applauding Women, click here to check out the full write up on Applauding Women.

Lei - Lei

As a recovering shopaholic, I firmly believe in gifting yourself during the holiday season & if you happen to like jewelry, Lei-Lei is the business to support with any self indulgence purchases that might be slipped into your regularly scheduled holiday shopping. The reason I recommend gifting yourself with an item from Lei-Lei is because while you’ll be gaining a beautiful piece of jewelry, you will also be helping to support women in 3rd world countries gain financial independence. You might be asking yourself, how is this possible? Well, Maria Murphy, the owner of Lei - Lei is partnered with a few agencies that work with impoverished women outside the US who are artisans, making a living creating various different items. Some of these items you will come across at Lei - Lei. I love to gift jewelry from Lei - Lei because not only are the pieces she sells so unique, but there is also a beautiful story that goes along with it. However, if you or the people on your gifting list are not jewelry people Maria also has a wide variety of bags & other fun trinkets, all with the same meaningful purpose behind them. Before checking out with some gorgeous earrings or wonderful new tote, enter promo code IAWHOLIDAY15 for 15% off your order! If you want to know more about how Maria got started with Lei - Lei, click here to read the full article on Lei - Lei on


Provisions is a small business that hand makes essential oil based wellness products including soaps, beard serums, and other household items. I have a special relationship

with each business listed in this guide due to all of the wonderful, hard working women who run them & all of their products truly make me happy. However, Provisions has found a way to work itself into my life every single day. I cannot say enough good things about the products at provisions, since I met Kat about 3 years ago I started using her acne free skin care line & my skin has never been the same since. In full transparency, I do use other products on top of Provisions but I can whole heartily say that I will never use another face wash again. Every item smells delicious, nothing is ever harsh on the skin, and I can accidentally get some in my mouth without having to worry that I may have ingested some terrible toxin. If you have a person on your shopping list who loves new skin care products or someone who lives an all natural lifestyle, Provisions is a great place to find them a gift. With that being said when checking out, code IAMWOMAN, will get you 15% off your order. If you’d like to learn more about Provisions, you can click here to read more about them.

The Pretty Pink Rooster

The Pretty Pink Rooster is just as unique as its name, where you can find all kinds of cute & unique items. Alexandra Daras is the owner of the shop, she prides herself on the uniqueness of the store. I’ve heard her say multiple times that if you see something you like, buy it because she can’t guarantee it’ll be here tomorrow and she never reorders items. The Pretty Pink Rooster is both a storefront and an online store so if you're in the Bernardsville, NJ area you can stop in to shop. I would highly recommend you do so because no matter who is there, whether it is Alexandra herself, or someone else who works at the store they always are willing to assist you & the whole staff is always so joyous to be around. If you don’t live in the area there is also an online store you can shop from. She ships to both the U.S. & Canada! The Pretty Pink Rooster is the perfect place to shop for someone on your list who appreciates unique items & gifts with stories behind them. When shopping, keep in mind that if you use code IAW at check out you can get 10% off your order! To learn more about The Pretty Pink Rooster click here to read our full article on them.

Sister Nature's Creations

I recently just learned about Sister Nature's Creations, through Robyn & immediately I fell in love. I can’t wait to work more with Tiana! Sister Nature’s Creations is the perfect shop to support when shopping for the crystal lovers in your life. Tiana not only sells some crystals/ stones, but she also hand makes jewelry with these stones. I have some across some of the most beautiful earrings & necklaces on her shop site. You can also find plenty of other items that will please the spiritual sisters your shopping for. Tiana was gracious enough to offer everyone 15% off 1 item at checkout with code Nature. Please be sure to check her out, you’ll be glad you did!

Winter Hill Jewelry

Winter Hill Jewelry makes custom earrings from 3D printing, using only plant based plastic. Every household has an environmentalist, and when shopping for them, it might be challenging to respect their morals. They'd adore receiving a pair of earrings from Winter Hill Jewelry! You can pick from all their unique designs & feel good about supporting family in their goals to better the environment! Robyn & I discovered Winter Hill Jewelry on our trip to Boston, where Robyn bought these amazing 3D printed book earrings & I got these cute studs. The beauty of 3D printing for earrings, is no matter the earring size, they’re light weight & don’t pull at your ears. Winter Hill Jewelry is another company I Am Woman would love to work more with as we go on because they have a great mission & make great quality items! At check out, code IAMWOMAN will earn you 15% off your order!

JaSmith Designs

JaSmith Designs is a California based women owned business that sells stickers, stationary, keychains and more! Jasmine Smith, the owner of JaSmith Designs, is another amazing store owner who creates products specifically to uplift those who purchase from her. Everything is created with purposeful positivity, so for anyone who is struggling through the holiday season or could use some uplifting would really benefit from an item by JaSmith Designs. A personal favorite of mine would be her clear mugs. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but each print is beautifully made. For those shopping from JaSmith Designs this holiday season, be sure to use discount code GIFT20 for 20% you order. To learn more about JaSmith Designs, click here to read our full article!

Year round supporting women owned businesses is a must for I Am Woman and during the busiest shopping season of the year it becomes even more important. Each business listed here today is run by amazing, thoughtful, and hard working women who deserve all the support they can get. Understandably each business is not for everyone, but support comes in many different forms besides purchases; a follow, like or share on social media goes a long way! Please comment below on which business is your favorite or who you plan on supporting this season, I'd love to know what peaks your interest! Also feel free comment any other business thats not listed here that you enjoy. Thank you to everyone who has supported a woman owned business this 2022 holiday season & I hope you all have a happy new year!

For more on women owned businesses and wonderful souls who run them, subscribe down below! If you aren’t already, follow us on Instagram @iam.wwoman to stay up to date on contests, giveaways and more.

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