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Serj Leather and Organics

Updated: May 27, 2020

Have you been looking for a new bag? Or maybe some organic products like shea butter or coconut oil? I've come across just the online store for you; Serj Leather and Organics.

The owners Serophine and Joyce began this business just a few months ago in hopes of spreading some of the exquisit organic products they came across themselves. They sell leather products such as laptop sleeves, backpacks, purses, wallets, and bracelets, as well as organic products such as coffee, coconut oil, rosemary, cactus juice, and Shea butter.

The business began when the two sisters Serophine and Joyce came across a great local coffee business. They said "the coffer was amazing, it knew how to speak to one's taste buds." Feeling the need to share the amazing taste the two asked the owner if they would be interested in supplying products for a online shop. From there the business grew, the owner of the coffee shop linked the women with leather supplier where they receive their leather products from. While all the products are made within Kenya and Ethiopia, the online store ships to the US.

Be sure to check out their products on Twitter and Facebook, or you can email them at!

If there are any woman dominated business you'd like to see on here be sure to let us know about them either below in the comments, by email, or by direct message on either of our social media accounts!

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