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The Ugly Pretty Girl

Welcome back to week 2 of July’s Self Care Month! This week we are talking about candles and soaps! Today’s business post is promoting Whitley Richardson’s The Ugly Pretty Girl Soap and Candle business.

At The Ugly Pretty Girl you can find 100% soy candles, handmade soaps, and other self care products such as lip scrubs, face masks, and lotions! All products are Eco friendly and vegan!

For Whitley this is her first of many business, however the thought of entrepreneurship was planted in her brain during her 10 years of working the retail industry, one day it just came to her that instead of working for someone else, why doesn’t she work for herself? From there she has worked to make The Ugly Pretty Girl a reality.

I highly recommend getting your hands on some of her products by heading over to . If you go over to her site right now, use the discount code IAMWOMAN to receive 30% off of your whole order! I suggested you hurry over and pick up some soaps and candles before the one you want is all out! Also if you’d like to stay updated on new products as well as self care tips follow her on Instagram @officiallytheuglyprettygirl.

I hope you all have a great week, hope to see you back here next week for another business post! Be sure to get your hands on this great deal before it’s too late!

*The Promo Code expires Aug.1*

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